20 Church Street Montclair, NJ

Organic, non-GMO, Gluten Free
Our Menu

Savory Family Foods

As we continue with our soft opening period with limited hours and days, our menu continues to change
with what is fresh and available for us to offer our guests. 
We are currently featuring NY Hepworth Farms Lacinato kale, green cabbage, beets, parsnips, Stayman and Empire apples and Pennsylvania mushrooms.
We are also pleased to offer certified Gluten Free freshly made corn tortillas.
Our popular offerings have been our Ropa Vieja, a seitan dish.  Masitas, protein bites with a raw organic 
cilantro and cashew creme, both served with rice and choice of beans. Our gluten free lasagna and black eyed pea stew are getting a nice following too. We are now serving gluten free Salvadorian Tamales, stuffed with our organic chickpeas, corn, string beans and olives, on the weekends and when available. Another new addition is our Columbian Empanadas, please call to find out if they are on the menu for your visit.
Our beans are made from organic USA dried beans and then seasoned with organic herbs and spices. 
Our black and red beans are best with a squeeze of lemon and perhaps sea salt to taste. 

*We ask that you please speak with our staff with regards to any allergies or related concerns*
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